The Other Side Of The Brain



Music consultancy & supervision (Film/TV, advertising and product launches, live event, fashion show, art installation, retail, hospitality, web and applications)

Event creation, production and project management

Original program(s) of work for guest experience with unique and exclusive original content (retail, hospitality and real estate businesses) - Case study available upon request

Music selection

Brand sonic identity

Music licensing

Talent scouting (in the realm of film, music and live entertainment)

OSB signature audio room in corporate spaces

Permanent sound installation

Art Installation

Music direction for live events ~ Product launches, seminars, concerts, conventions, galas, fundraisers

DJ Services (All genres)



Composition, arrangement, production, remixing, mixing and mastering

Creation and production of original music very similar to existing tracks for internet usage (instead of clearing a song with famous catalogs) 

OSB owns a significant  catalog of original music in various styles of music

State-of-the-art recording studios (New York ~ Paris)

Talent scouting (for film, music and live entertainment) ~ Access to any type of talent, musician, music formation or ensemble

Overseeing all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games and other existing or emerging visual media platforms as required


OSB works with award winning filmmakers to create digital/TV content for luxury and lifestyle companies.

Services include:

• Full production capabilities

• Consultation on budget and content

• Shoot, produce and edit original footage and interviews

• In-house Producer and Director

• State-of-the-art non-linear HD editing systems with experienced in-house Editors

• Script-writing

• Graphic animation and design  

• Digital Media Strategy / Editorial Calendar / Social Media Placement


OSB delivers the full package of film and music by providing a consolidated budget with fewer intermediaries. 

Our strengths lie not just in the depth of our music knowledge and talent, but also in the breadth of our work and cultural references.